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What file types are supported?

Media Menu Pro supports almost all video formats including avi, mkv, mp4 and flv. If you have a file that is unsupported please contact support and we will try to add it to a future release

How is cover art chosen?

First artwork named the same as the movie is searched for, so if the movie was "My Movie.avi" then "My Movie.jpg", .png etc would be searched for next. If this fails folder.jpg would next be looked for, if this also fails then any image file within the movie directory will be used.
If no images are found then a preview is generated via Quick Look. Installing the free utility Perian will allow for previews of files normally unsupported by Quick Look.

My TV Shows have missing data, what can i do?

Media Menu Pro supports a wide range of popular naming formats however it is not possible to catch everything. There is a list of recommended naming formats here.
For expert users the regular expression used to extract information for TV show details can be edited in the advanced preferences section.

File Naming

While Media Menu Pro will always try and find the best match for a file, certain folder structures and file names will work better than others.

An idea layout for movies would be "Movie Root\Movie Name\Move Name.avi" along with an image for the cover art.

For TV Shows a layout similar to "TV Root\Show Name\Season 1\Show Name - S01E01 - Episode Title.avi" would give maximum compatibility.